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Will there be air brakes available?
Airbrakes (speed brakes) will not be offered initially, but there is space to integrate them later in the process of development.

Is there an option for more advanced G2000 and Garmin autopilot? 
Garmin G2000 is only available to Cessna at the moment, they apparently paid for part of the development and will be using the system in light jets and turboprops. We are talking to Garmin but currently it does not look like we will get it. Anyhow, the G500 and GTN750 series combination has very similar capability than the G2000 with similar level of integration and even offers touch-screen programing which is really simple and easy to learn.

Will Garmin GTN 635 have to be upgraded to a GTN 650 if so required by CAA for IFR traffic? (same box but with VOR/ILS/GP)
You have the VOR, ILS and GP capability already in the GTN750. The 635 is envisioned as a COM/GPS complement to the 750. The 650 would only be necessary if you needed two VOR/ILS receivers which is a bit of an overkill in these days. With the standard 750+635 setup (for both experimental and certified versions), you get 2x COM, 1x NAV, 1x ILS, 2 x IFR GPS, full integrated 3D intercom and ADS-B mode S transponder.

Why the Trutrak Autopilot?
The trutrak is only there for the Experimental version. The certified one will use the S-tec or Garmin digital autopilot.
Avidyne R9 have been considered as well, but are not competitive with their pricing.
When going for the experimental, the Avidyne could be installed at a surcharge, of course.

Is TKS de-icing available?
TKS (de-icing with glycol) will be available later, the wing is prepared for the instalation of it.

Have you looked at the FADEC i.e.2 option from Lycoming?
The IE2 Lycoming is not available for the power range we are looking for the Panthera. It is only available as the turbocharged 300+ HP 6 cyl engine. The IO-390 was actually chosen as the engine because Lycoming says it will be the engine which they will use to make it the first IE-2 4 cylinder engine.

Are there any plans to add a turbo-charged engine?
Not at the moment, no.

In some places there is still ADF and DME required for IFR flying. Can you add this (at additional cost) if required ? Is there space reserved for this in the panel?
There is only one vendor that still makes ADFs, Bendix King. In worst case, there is still space on the Panel, but EASA does not require the ADF any more.
The G500 display can be configured to show DME calculated data and this is accepted by EASA for IFR primary.

What are the size of tyres? Are they suitable to use on grass-strips?
Tyre size on main wheels is 5.00×5, nose wheel is 5.00×4. The undercarriage itself was designed to be used on grass strips, hence the use of titanum and each landing gear strut
(nose, main left and main right) have ole-pneumatic dampers. Panthera will definitely have THE undercarriage to be used on grass, light and robust with full shock absorbtion.

In some places, they have snow and and winter debris on the runways in the winter. Are you open for input to have brake discs rather high up as well gear doors in order to handle winterflying?
The wheel doors are higher than half of the wheel, so it is as high as any design can be made. The wheel brake discs are unproblematic, we believe, as they are of floating type (Beringer high performance)

Is it possible to install additional fuel tanks above 250 litres ?
It is possible but what would be the desired fuel tanks? 1000 NM range is enough for most cases, however there is space in the wing for more fuel.
Then of course full fuel payload will be less as MTOW would stay at 1200 kg.


What altitude gives fastest cruise speeds? 
Fastest cruise speeds are between 8000 and 14000 ft (large laminar bucket on airfoil), but actual top TAS will occur at 11500 ft.

You claim the speed of 202 knots. At which altitude?
At FL95. The exact figure will be determined through testing.

What would be the fuel consumption at 50% power?
At 50% power the Panthera is flying slower, but closer to  aerodynamically best cruise regime (less drag at lower speeds), so the
mileage is slightly improved at 21.7 versus 20.6 at 75% regime. At FULL power, the speed is 208 kts, while burning 13 gph at 10000 ft, coming
to a milage of 16.5 NM per gallon of fuel travelled.


Is the aircraft equipped with the electric pitot heating?
Of course! If you look carefully there is a dedicated switch on left side of instrument panel, where the main power switches are.