Alpha Electro  
electric motor
power 50+ KW at 2100 – 2400 rpm
PROPELLER Ground adjustable three-blade 1,65 m diameter propeller
wing span 34,4 ft (10,5 m)
length 21.33 ft (6.5 m)
height 6.07 ft (2.05 m)
wing area 102.4 sqft (9.51 m2)
rudder area 11.8 sq.ft (1.1 m2)
horizontal tail area 11.6 sq.ft (1.08 m2)
aspect ratio 11,3
positive flaps 0°, 15°, 25°
center of gravity 20% – 38% MAC
empty weight (with batteries) 350 kg
max take off weight (MTOW) 550 kg (1212 lb)
Payload 200 kg
PERFORMANCES DATA PUBLISHED FOR MTOW 1,212 lbs (550 kg) All speeds in Knots
stall with flaps 42 KCAS
stall without flaps 45 KCAS
max. speed with flaps down 70 KIAS
maneouvring speed 86 KIAS
best climb speed 65 kts
max climb rate 1,220 fpm
best glide ratio speed 64 KIAS
best glide 15:1
take off run MTOW 492 feet (150 m)
take off over 50′ obstacle MTOW 885 feet (270 m)
45°-45° roll time 2.6 sec
endurance up to 60 min (+ reserve)
max load factor permitted (x1,8) +4g  -2g
design safety factors & tested minimum 1.875

Pipistrel reserves the right to revise the above data whenever occasioned by product improvement, government/authority regulations or other good cause.
The design basis follow the strictest EASA CS-22, CS-VLA and CS-23 (sections), as well as rules applicable to ultralight/microlight aircraft (LTF-UL 2003, etc.) and ASTM-LSA standards.
Ultralight/Microlight certification basis varies from country to country, therefore the actual certificated data may be different from stated above. Please check the certifications link.